Saturday Morning News Brief, January 13

Saturday morning brief Jan 13 2018
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Donald Trump has agreed not to reimpose nuclear sanctions on Iran, but ‘it would be the last time he issues such a waiver’. At the same time as the renewed waiver was announced, the US Treasury imposed sanctions on 14 Iranian figures and companies, including the head of the country’s judiciary, Sadegh Amoli Larijani. Trump wants Washington’s European allies to use the 60-day period before sanctions relief again comes up for renewal to agree on tougher measures, a senior White House official said. Read
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The Army has roundly dismissed Pakistan’s threats about its tactical nuclear weapons being an effective counter to India’s conventional military superiority. “Pakistan’s nuclear bogey” will be thoroughly exposed if it actually comes to a war with the western neighbour, which often brandishes its short-range Nasr (Hatf-IX) nuclear missiles as a battlefield counter to India’s ‘Cold Start’ strategy of swift, high-intensity conventional attacks into enemy territory, Army Chief Gen Bipin Gen Rawat said.
Passports will soon come in two colours, with a blank last page. The government has decided to keep the last page of the passport blank in keeping with the recommendations of a committee set up to look into, among other issues, requests by single mothers that the name of the father not be mentioned in their child’s passport. With the last page blank, passports will most likely cease to be a valid address proof.
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Telecom regulator Trai has slashed international incoming call termination rate to 30 paise, from 53 paise, to curb the ‘grey route’. The Authority has reduced the termination charges payable by an International Long Distance Operator (ILDO) to the access provider in whose network the call terminates from Rs 0.53 per minute to Rs 0.30 per minute, Trai said in a statement. The new rule shall come into force from the February 1, 2018.
A phenomenon called urban heat island is burning holes in the grey shroud of dense fog over New Delhi and other cities on the Indo-Gangetic Plain, says a new study. The urban heat island effect is so strong in Delhi, that it saw 50 per cent less fog than surrounding areas, according to an analysis of satellite data between 2000 and 2016. Urban heat island refers to the higher temperature seen in a city compared with adjacent rural areas because of intense concrete development and reduced green cover.
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