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Message for Good Governance Day

Dec 22, 2014 , ,
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Celebrating Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday as

"Good governance through eGovernance"


DeitY is celebrating 25th December as Good Governance Day. Good Governance is foundation of a functional democracy and is implemented largely through e-Governance. Rapid advances in ICT have made e-Governance the most potent tool for realizing the vision of Good Governance. E-Governance makes the government at various levels transparent, accountable, responsive and efficient.

All government employees and public representatives are expected to play a major role in promoting the cause of Good Governance and help in bringing transparency and accountability in the systems. Government officials at all levels can contribute to the cause by ensuring effective planning and implementation of various e-Governance programmes. To make it happen, all government officials should develop a positive mindset for e-Governance and other ICT programmes. They also need to update their ICT skills on a regular basis.

DeitY is mandated by the government for designing, planning and implementing the various e-Governance related standards, policies and programmes. Deity has taken a number of initiatives like NeGP, Electronics India etc. to promote Good Governance in the country. Digital India programme, which has been recently launched by the PM, takes this effort one step forward and aims to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

DeitY invites you to join in this exciting journey of nation building. You are requested to share with us your ideas and suggestions as to what new initiatives could be undertaken and how the existing programmes and projects could be improved.

Your suggestions and ideas are valuable to us and you can further this cause of Good governance through e-Governance.

You may post your suggestions and ideas on the Facebook channel of NeGP (http://goo.gl/a7hirU) or on email ID (asocialmedia@negp.gov.in).

RS Sharma

Secretary, DeitY

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