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How to pasta🍝 Recipe contest, and more👨‍🍳

Nov 18, 2021

Regardless of how big and wide the world is, there’s one food that’s made its way to every corner—pasta. Made with unleavened dough and bent into different shapes and sizes, pasta forms the bed for many flavourful sauces and seasonings. So this week, let’s dive into the world of pasta!

Long, short, twisted, curled—pasta comes in many shapes & forms. There are over 600 types of pasta around the world, each with its own purpose. Some are designed to hold sauces, some to add bite to salads. What pasta you use depends on the dish you're making. Here are some classic recipes for different kinds of pasta.

While all-purpose flour is the classic ingredient used to make pasta, today there are healthier versions available that contain more fibre and nutrients, with no preservatives or chemicals. From durum wheat, whole wheat, quinoa to multi-millets, find here pasta with a dash of something extra.


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