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Vegan guidebook 🥗 recipe contest & more!

Jun 23, 2022

A recent YouGov survey found that more than 65% of Indians plan to eat more vegan foods this year. Health benefits and climate concerns were the biggest motivators. If you are curious to know more about veganism and what it involves, this edition covers it all!

A vegan diet is completely plant-based. This means no meat, eggs, or dairy! While veganism offers benefits, omitting food groups from your diet does require some planning. You need to include other foods/supplements to make sure you’re still getting all essential nutrients. In this article, we share all you need to know.

Ordinary milk, being an animal product, is a strict no-no in the vegan diet. But what if you’re not a black coffee/tea person? There are many alternative plant-based options (often called ‘mylks’) to choose from. Made of nuts and grains, each possesses its own unique taste and nutritional value. Learn more about them in this next article.


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