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Sunday Evening News Brief, July 30

Jul 30, 2017 , , , ,
Sunday evening brief Jul 30 2017
Good evening!
Here’s everything that transpired during the course of the day…
Chinese military has ability to defeat all invading enemies, Xi Jinping said. The Chinese President’s comments came as he inspected a massive military parade at the country’s largest military base to mark the 90th founding anniversary of the 2.3-million strong army. While there was no reference in his speech to over a month-long India-China military standoff at Doklam in Sikkim section, his remarks came in the midst of shrill official media campaign and assertions by the Foreign and Defence Ministries here accusing Indian troops of trespassing into Chinese territory at Doklam.
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An engraved ‘Bhagavad Gita’ near the statue of Kalam kicked up a row. The memorial was constructed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation with which the late former President was associated. The engraved wooden copy of Bhagavad Gita sculpted along with the statue had drawn opposition from various quarters. Late former President APJ Abdul Kalam’s family sought to put in to rest by placing a copy of the Quran and Bible near it. His relatives said Kalam was a leader to all Indians and no one should seek to politicise the episode.
BJP shut down Kerala today, a day after an RSS worker was killed in the state. The dawn-to-dusk shutdown derailed normal life across Kerala even as police arrested eight persons allegedly linked to the ruling CPI-M for the killing. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan promised that action would be taken against law-breakers irrespective of their status and political affiliation. E. Rajesh, 34, a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), was hacked to death on Saturday night in Thiruvananthapuram. He died a few hours later.
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The United States flew two B-1B bombers over the Korean peninsula. The bombers took off from a US air base in Guam, and were joined by Japanese and South Korean fighter jets during the exercise. The B-1B flight, conducted on Saturday, was in direct response to the missile test and the previous July 3 launch of the “Hwansong-14” rocket. North Korea said its latest ICBM test was a “warning” targeting the US for its efforts to slap new sanctions on Pyongyang and threatened a counter- strike if provoked militarily by Washington.
Heroin worth Rs 3,500 crore was seized by the Indian Coast Guard off Gujarat coast. The Indian Coast Guard intercepted and apprehended a merchant vessel carrying approximately 1,500 kg of heroin. The vessel was intercepted by the Coast Guard ship ‘Samudra Pavak’ at around 1200hrs today. This is the largest single haul of narcotics seized till date. A joint investigation of the vessel by the ICG, IB, police, Customs, Navy and other agencies is currently underway.
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