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Open Government Data Platform: From Data to Insights

Sep 26, 2020

Dear Data Enthusiasts,

In a world of proliferating data, the key to success depends on effectively analyzing data to reveal insights that can be used to make better decisions.

Open Government Data (OGD) Platform India facilitate data to Insight process with it's Visualization Engine. Registered users can create, download and embed visualizations using this engine. Maps up to district level can also be created using this facility.

If you are creating data related Apps, Visualizations, Infographics, etc. please contribute it on OGD Community Portal.

sector catalogs all_visualization apis datacontrollers data.gov.in data.gov.in data.gov.in

catalogs community.data.gov.in catalogs all_visualization

community.data.gov.in community.data.gov.in community.data.gov.in catalogs catalogs catalogs

visualize.data.gov.in visualize.data.gov.in visualize.data.gov.in community.data.gov.in community.data.gov.in community.data.gov.in

visualize.data.gov.in catalogs visualize.data.gov.in all_visualization

https://community.data.gov.in/ https://community.data.gov.in/ https://community.data.gov.in/ https://community.data.gov.in/

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