KSFE Fixed Deposit Schemes – Should you invest? Bank FD Schemes are offering low interest rates. There are several companies offering FD Schemes with high rates, however, those may not be safe. Investors are looking for safe fixed income options. Kerala State owned, Kerala State Financial Enterprise (KSFE) is offering FD Schemes with high interest rates. What are various FD Schemes offered by KSFE? What are the interest rates on such KSFE FD scheme?  Is it safe to invest in KSFE FD Scheme? Should you invest in KSFE Fixed Deposit Schemes? This is an article based on "Suggest a topic" from one of the reader.  Also Read: Top 5 Value Mutual Funds for 2018 Overview about KSFE Kerala State Financial Enterprises, in short KSFE, was formed by the Government of Kerala with an objective to provide an alternative to the people for private chit fund promoters. To bring social control over the chit fund business and save the innocent people from the clasps of private chit fund operators, this company was formed in the year 1969. KSFE is a miscellaneous non-banking company fully owned by the Government of Kerala. It enjoys the unique status of being the public sector company […]

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