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[Live webinar] Shorten Analysis of Test Results with Big Data Tools

Dec 12, 2019





Our webinar Shorten Analysis of Test Results with Big Data Tools like Elasticsearch will take place at the following dates & times:  

  • Europe & India – Tuesday, 17th December – 10 AM CET | 2:30 PM IST

  • North America – Tuesday, 17th December – 1 PM EST | 10 AM PST


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In continuous testing environments, tests are performed automatically, resulting in large amounts of data that require analysis.


Crunching this test data, identifying trends, deviations from baseline and root cause analysis has become more demanding and complex, requiring new tools and methodologies.


In this webinar, Guy Arieli, CTO, Experitest and Omer Madi, Product Manager, Experitest will provide an overview of Elasticsearch, with a live demo that comprises uploading test data, data manipulation and generate insightful views of the test data.  


There will be time for a live Q&A session at the end. 



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