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In Focus: MyGov Volunteers of the Week

Nov 18, 2014 , , ,
For the past few weeks, MyGov has been proactively engaging volunteers from across the country in different groups, thereby making the platform a citizen-driven initative in the truest sense. Read what our best performing volunteers of the week have to say about here..
Open Forum:
Ideas to reduce diversion in LPG & Kerosene
The dual pricing scheme (subsidized and non-subsidized) for LPG and Kerosene leads to diversion of subsidized LPG and Kerosene into commercial usage. You are invited to suggest ideas to reduce diversion and the subsidy burden on account of LPG and Kerosene.
Post your inputs here.
Featured Group:
Digital Rail
You can help Indian Railways in further improving services by usage of technology. Join this Group to facilitate productive discussions.
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