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ETimes LifeStyle Newsletter – Weekly Highlights:”I gave up sugarand lost 40 kilos in 5 months”

Jan 31, 2021

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Weekly Highlights
“I gave up sugarand lost 40 kilos in 5 months”
A food blogger, Sahana Shetty got the shock of her life when she was diagnosed with uncontrolled dia…
The best way to treat COVID symptoms at home
Being prepared will also help you recover faster. Here are a few basic…
Health News
When Princess Diana commented on her royal life
Princess Diana or the people’s Princess was one of the most iconic fig…
5 medication mistakes parents commonly make
Medication errors are quite common in case of liquid pain relievers fo…
Web Stories
Make-up trends for 2021
The colours of the year are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (yellow). Both colours are dynamic and ve…
Things you need to succeed, as per zodiac

Love & Sex
Zodiac signs who do not get along at all
Odds are, you will not get along with everybody you meet. And there ma…
Love & Sex
Books coming to screen in 2021
Here’s a list of all the book adaptations coming to screen this year a…

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