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Easy rice recipes 🍚 recipe contest & more!

Jul 1, 2022

It is almost impossible to imagine an Indian food platter without rice! A staple of nearly every regional diet, it is versatile and can be used to create a variety of dishes, from sweet to savoury and simple to exquisite. In today’s edition, let’s explore some lesser-known rice varieties.

While many of us have grown up on white, brown or red rice varieties, black rice might seem a new fad or posh fantasy! But black rice has an ancient history and is packed with healthy nutrients. Is black the new brown? Read on to find out more!

Long grains, a distinct aroma, wonderful mouthfeel…of course, we’re talking about basmati rice, that delicious base of pulaos and biryanis. Did you know there are many varieties of basmati, each with a unique cooking profile? Find out from this blog!


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