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4 ways to work from home effectively

Apr 6, 2020


Make the most of
working from home



Acing your work-from-home routine? Or still waiting to get inspired? Whether you are getting a lot done every day or still getting used to the idea of working at home, here are 4 easy ways to convert any space into a comfy, productive workspace. Get started.

SAGSTUA Bed frame Rs.12,990
Work from anywhere!
No place for a separate work spot? No problem! The bed is your friend. Use one side for sleep and the other for your work. Pull up a table, switch on focus lights and cushions for back support – and your home office is ready!
TJENA Storage box with lid Rs.299
Maximize your space
Sharing your table with family? De-clutter your table top and organize your little things. Introduce boxes, shelves, dividers – whatever you can find to separate and store your essentials, and create more space on the table.
LILLHÖJDEN Swivel chair, Idemo black Rs.5,290
Set up a workspace on wheels
Your work buddy on wheels. Collect all that you need on a chair that’s up for the job. With a laptop support to boot, you don’t even need a desk. Just take a seat and get to work.
VANLIGEN Plant pot, green, 12 cm Rs.399
Let the nature in
Be it open windows, or jars filled with plants – welcome greenery into your workspace. Plants are great for oxygenating your environment, keeping you fresh all day long.

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