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10 smartphones that got a ‘price cut’ recently

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10 smartphones that got a ‘price cut’ recently
10 smartphones that got a ‘price cut’ recently
Customizable Life Insurance Plan
Now ensure your term plan has enough coverage against Death, Disability & Disease!
HDFC Life Recommended by Colombia
Ouster of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has a lesson for Indian startups
In the tech industry, VCs brag about their “pattern recognition” capabilities. The pattern always resembles Zuckerberg, Gates, Bezos, or them: a white nerdy male.
UK Parliament’s email system hit by cyberattacks
The UK Parliament has been hit by a cybersecurity attack that has left MPs unable to access their emails.
Diabetes doesn’t hold me back from enjoying the holidays.
“Sharing my Accu-Chek Active blood sugar readings with my doctor helps me stay in range.”
Accu-Chek Active Recommended by Colombia
Infosys shareholders’ ‘strong message’ to the company’s founders
Infosys’s 36th annual general meeting (AGM) was a non-event with the promoters, who had expressed concerns with the way the company was being run, staying away as they have done since relinquishing all board and management responsibilities three year…
IT job cuts trigger job scams
The recent spate of layoffs in the IT sector has proved to be a windfall for an unlikely bunch of people — online job fraudsters. While their modus operandi has not changed over the years, the number of victims falling prey to them is on the rise in…
This is what parents of teens may need in this digital age
Innovative approaches that behavioural experts and parenting counsellors are designing to ease the growing strain between parents and adolescents today; much of which is aggravated by rapidly changing lifestyles and kids’ dependence on technology.
H-1B visa: This is what Indians in the US ‘want’ from PM Narendra Modi
Indians and at the same time does not anger Americans as well.
Airtel extends 10GB free data offer for another 3 months
Bharti Airtel, India’s top telco is extending its free data offer, namely Airtel Surprise, for three more months, the company’s chief executive Gopal Vittal said in a mail to postpaid customers.
How not to end up like Uber
Founders and investors say there are lessons to be learnt from Travis Kalanick’s exit -processes may be tough to follow in the early years, but have to be introduced soon.
Snapdeal parent files FIR against GoJavas deal
Jasper Infotech, which runs online marketplace Snapdeal, has filed a first information report (FIR) with Delhi Police against former promoters of GoJavas, a logistics firm in which it held 49%.
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